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Txipirones or Txiperones (squid)
with caramelized onions parsley and white wine sauce

Servings:  2 as main course, 4 as a starter.
Prep Time:  15 mins
Cook Time:  20 mins

One pound of cleaned Squid
the txiperones or squid or calemares - what ever you like to call them
A cup of olive oil
Two fat cloves of garlic
A hand full of fresh parsley
Two green onions (like giant spring onions)
A slosh of dry white wine
A bay leaf (laurel)
Half a douzen small fresh green pimentos (if available)
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

A delicious starter (or main course) of fried squid, with a parsley, onion and white wine sauce.

Prep Notes:
Crush the garlic with the flat of your knife, and remove the skin.
Very thinly slice the onions into 'rings'

onion ringe for the txipirones

Cut up your squid into small bite sized pieces.

cut the txipirones into trangles

Very finely chop the parsley

finely chopped parsley for the txipirones recipe
Get your bay leaf at the ready
Have salt and pepper on stand by.
Open the bottle of dry white wine

fry the garlic and pimenmtos ready for the squidInstructions:
Fry the garlic and pimentos until golden brown,.

Remove the pimentos sprinkle with a little sea salt and eat as a snack while you continue cooking.

remove everything

Add the onions and bay leaf on a medium heat... the objective is to caramelize the onions.

fry the onins for the txiperones

If they start to burn add a little water.

keep frying for the perfect squid dish


caramelised onions

Remove the onions, garlic and bay leaf and set to one side

put all the onions to one side

On maximum heat add some of the squid, a little at a time... to give it space to fry rather than boil, grind in some black pepper to taste.

take the txipirones and add a little at a time

Probably about 20 seconds or so... then get it out quick and put to one side, as you then go on and add the next squid.

repete the txipirone process untill all have been cooked

When all the squid has been cooked return all ingredients (other than the pimentos) to the pan adding the parsley

put the squid, the onions, garlic back in thepan

Slosh in some dry white wine, some salt and a little more extra virgin olive oil

add a sloosh of dry wihite wine to your txipirones

Fry for a minute or so

fry everything for a minute or so


and then serve

here you see txipirones on the plate.. yummy... enjoy

Have some crusty bread, perhaps tabasco sauce and a little more salt to taste. Make sure that dry white wine was left in the fridge to keep chilled ready to drink. Enjoy!


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